TREK 5500 USPS - L.Armstrong Tour de France 1999
TREK 5500 OCLV US POSTAL – “L. Armstrong” TdF bike (1999) – SOLD
CINELLI Cinetica Giotto 1989 56cm
CINELLI Cinetica Giotto, Campagnolo Croce D’Aune, 55.5cm (1988) – SOLD
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LOTUS 110 Team GAN – Chris BOARDMAN time trial bike (mid 1990s) – SOLD

Some bikes are objects of beauty, some are unique concepts and others are prized antiques. The Lotus bike is all of these – its sleek, curved silhouette is a reminder of a time in cycling when science, automotive engineering and the pinnacle of the sport collided.

Still considered one of the most iconic bike ever made, the Lotus 110 is the brain child of Mike Burrows, an engineer and cycling enthusiast, who designed the Lotus 108 Gold Medal winning Pursuit bike of the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. 

The 110 was the consumer version of the 108 made by Cape Town based Aerodyne Technology, to develop the pioneering bike with a view to securing a commercial future for a range of Lotus sports products. The frame was constructed with composite carbon-fiber/epoxy monocoque with aero foil cross-section. Famously ridden to many victories by Chris Boardman, the Lotus 110 still holds the UCI Hour record at 56.375 Km using the “Superman-style.”

For enthusiasts, though, the Lotus 110 is about more than looks – it also has a complex history and is probably loved and loathed in equal measure by those involved in its creation, development and eventual demise.


Condition: Original paint.

Era: mid 1990s

Price: SOLD (February 2022)

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