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FREJUS Torino Corsa, Vittoria Margheritta 55cm (1938) – SOLD


Frejus was founded in 1896 in Torino, Italy by Emmo Ghelfi. He named his brand after the nearby Monte Frejus (on the border of Italy and France) and was one of the first bike manufacturers in Italy (alongside with Bianchi). Emmo and his brother designed and hand-built every frame Frejus produced, focusing on sleek lines, simple lug-work and balanced handling. The Frejus was sposnsoring also their own team called FREJUS which existed from 1935-1956. Their team immediately achieve a success when the great Gino Bartali won 1935 Giro d’Italia on a Frejus bike. Later Giovanni Valetti won the 2 editions of the Giro d’Italia (1938 and 1939). One of biggest cycling stars back in 1940s and early 1950s was Ferdinand Kubler, ridding for FREJUS -Pirelli Team.

In 1920s changing gears meant stopping and removing the rear wheel and flipping it around to use a different size cog. But in early 1930s, the new Vittoria Margheritta gear system was released,  which used a sprung tension arm, mounted on the chainstay and placed the striking fork above the chainstay, so requiring back-pedalling to change gear. Alfredo Binda had used the Vittoria Margherita system when he won the World championship in Rome in the fall of 1932 and many pros mounted the system on their bikes for the 1933 season. The Tour de France forbade the use of derailleurs until 1937. But unlike the Tour, the Giro d’Italia allowed their use before.

Here we are proudly presenting another legendary Italian steel racing bike – FREJUS Torino Corsa, which dates back to 1938, thanks to special vintage bike register. Extraordinary details of the lugs, fork crowns, bottom bracket shell with braze-on lubricating pin, internal seat tube chain oiler makes you staring at them for hours. Equiped with original Vittoria Margheritta – Tipo Giro di Francia gearing system, original Frejus cranks, hubs with butterfly axle nuts, brakes and saddle. If you wish to go 1920s style, just flipp the rear wheel and go fixed gear. Legendary steel racing bike ready to participate at L’Eroica.

With this milestone you can get an incredible experience how cycling heroes rode back in the golden era of the cycling history or just to get a lot of attention at any historic cycling events. A museum piece. L’Eroica ready.




Frame & Fork: FREJUS Torino / Vittoria Margheritta (frame no. 41937)


– seat tube (c-t): 55 cm

– top tube (c-c): 55 cm

– headset tube: 9,5 cm

– standover: 77 cm

Crankset: Frejus (original)

Gearing system: Vittoria Marheritta

Headset: Frejus (original)

Brake Levers: steel (original)

Brakes: Ballila Frejus (original)

Stem: Cinelli, steel

Hubs: Frejus (original)

Rims: CB Italia, wooden (new)

Freewheel: Cyclo France 3 speed and fixed on the other side

Saddle: Frejus (original)

Pedals: Sheffield

Tubulars: Continental Giro (new)

Handlebar Tape: cotton, blue

Air pump: original



Condition: Used, but good conditon. No cracks, no dents, not bent. Some signs of normal use. Original build. All parts are working fine. Ready to ride.

Year: 1938

Price: SOLD (January 2020)