1965 COLNAGO Freccia, Campagnolo Record 1st gen, 55cm
COLNAGO Freccia Campagnolo Record 1st gen, 55cm (1965) – SOLD
CINELLI Supercorsa Pista 1960s, vintage track pista bike by Premium Cycling
CINELLI Supercorsa Pista, Campagnolo Record Pista, 58.5cm (early 1960s) – SOLD
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UMBERTO DEI Oro Corsa, Vittoria Margherita gears, 57cm (1938) – SOLD

It was the year 1896, he coined his first series of bicycles, his name was Umberto Dei, a small craftsman with a passion for bikes and cycling, far-fetched, never satiated with trials and experiments. It was also the year in which the Lumière brothers invented cinematography and Guglielmo Marconi created the cordless telephone.
This is how an extraordinary collection of bicycles was born, unanimously considered a marvel of the nascent world cycling industry. The quality and perfection were such that immediately the fame of the brand became widespread among cyclists and runners all over the world: everybody would like to run and win on the saddle of a Dei racing machines.

Umberto himself participated as a protagonist in the World track championships 1901 in Berlin. Dei racing bicycles won everywhere and dominated the scene for almost half a century, gathering laurels and records in the most important velodromes in the world.
Nowadays the Dei cycles retrace their history between myth and legend and are refounded in a refined balance of modern elements, particular chiselled and natural materials. They pass through the time rediscovering themselves in memory.

The craftsman hands down wisdom and love for the exasperated care of detail. Engineers, stylists, technicians without prejudice make the perfect synthesis between the total tradition of the brand, the absolute quality and value of the materials and components and the continuous search for innovative technical and stylistic solutions. Thus class, prestige and freedom are achieved. Beauty, perfection, passion. And the work becomes immortal.


Umberto Dei

Umberto Dei


Proudly presenting this legendary Italian top class racing machine – UMBERTO DEI Oro Corsa which dates back to 1938, thanks to special vintage bike register. The frame shines in iconic Umberto Dei paintjob, black frame with Italian flag and golden head tube. It’s made of special seamless drawn light steel tubes, typical Dei lugs and seat clamp. Legendary “chain oiler” based on the seat tube. The cheery on the top of the cake are the parts: Vittoria Margherita gearing system, Umberto Dei cranks, hubs, pedals and saddle, vintage wooden rims, steel stem and handlebar,

Iconic and very collectible! Nice catch for any vintage bike collector. L’Eroica ready.



Frame & Fork: UMBERTO DEI Oro Corsa (17484)


-seat tube (c-t): 56.5 cm

-top tube (c-c): 57 cm

-headset tube: 13.5 cm

-standover: 79.3 cm

Crankset: Umberto Dei

Gearing system: Vittoria Margherita

Brake Levers: Bowden

Brakes: Bowden Brev.254160

Handlebar: steel, original

Stem: steel, original

Hubs: Umberto Dei

Rims: wooden

Saddle: Umberto Dei, original

Handlebar tape: red, cotton

Pedals: Umberto Dei



Condition: Used, but good condition. Completely restored and refurbished. No cracks, no dents, not bent. All parts are working fine.

Year: 1938

Price: SOLD (February 2022)