GITANE PROFIL Aero TT, Shimano Dura Ace AX 1980
GITANE Aero Profil TT, Shimano Dura Ace AX, 57.5cm (1980) – SOLD
TAURUS Mod Competizione - Italo Zilioli Team Filotex 1968
TAURUS Modello Competizione – authentic bike of Italo ZILIOLI (Team Filotex 1968) – SOLD
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BIANCHI Paris Roubaix, Campagnolo Paris Roubaix gears, 57.5cm (1951) – SOLD

Bianchi is the world’s oldest bicycle-making company still in existence, founded in 1885 by Eduardo Bianchi in Milan, Italy. No doubt, Bianchi is the pioneer of bicycle development since the beginning:

– In 1885 Bianchi  pioneered the use of equal-sized wheels with pneumatic rubber tires;

– Edoardo Bianchi designed first lady bike in 1895 and it was made for Queen Margaret;

– The Bianchi reputation began when the company sponsored Giovanni Tommasello, the winner of the Grand Prix de Paris in 1899, which evolves into Tour de France;

– Bianchi presented the first bicycle ever featuring a cardan joint transmission in 1901;

– They invented the front brake system in 1913;

– In 1914 Bianchi was a famous and reputed manufacturer: in just one year, production settled on extraordinary figures: 45.000 bicycles, 1.500 motorbikes and 1000 cars;

– In 1915, Bianchi produced a bike for the Army, equipped with wide-section tyres, folding frame and suspensions on both wheels.


In 1950 Coppi won the Paris-Roubaix using Campagnolo’s newest derailleur the “Una leva” (single lever) model which superseded the “Due leve” (two lever model) originally introduced in 1947. Following Coppi’s win the new mechanism was renamed to Paris-Roubaix model. In 1950 also Bianchi renamed their top model frame by famous ”Hell of North” race.To change gear the rider would:

– Reach back to the seat-stay mounted lever.

– Back pedal.

– Turn the lever releasing the rear wheel. (The lever was in effect a extended quick release)

– The action of releasing the wheel would engage the lever with a fork mounted over the chain enabling the rider to select the sprocket he wanted by turning the lever.

– Once the chain was engaged on the correct sprocket the rider would stop backpedaling and turn the lever back to it’s locked position. This action would lock the wheel and release the changing fork.- The rider could then pedal forward again and go on his merry way.


Coppi’s 1950 Paris-Roubaix is considered one of the great rides in cycling history. In extremelly bad weather conditions, Coppi went solo for the last 45km and won Paris-Roubaix covering the 247 km in 6h 18 m at an average speed of 39.12 kph.

Fausto Coppi (Bianchi Team) Paris Rouabix 1950

Fausto Coppi (Bianchi Team) at the Paris Rouabix 1950


Here we are proudly presenting one of the most appreciated racing vintage bikes, the Bianchi Paris Roubaix. This jewel dates back to 1951 (thanks to special Bianchi vintage bike register) and is almost identical to the bike that Fausto Coppi rode back in 1950 and 1951. Extraordinary details of the steel frame makes you understand that Edoardo Bianchi was a medical tool engineer, before he started with bike manufacturing. Equiped with original Campagnolo Paris Roubaix gearing system, original Bianchi cranks, Ambrosio Champion cockpit, NiSi rims, Brooks leather saddle, Universal 453949 brakes, original Sheffield pedals, so just top of the top components from early 1950s.

With this milestone you can get an incredible experience how cycling heroes rode back in the golden era of cycling history or just to get a lot of attention at all historic cycling events. Very special catch for any collector. L’Eroica ready.


Frame & Fork: Bianchi Paris Roubaix, steel (No.287032)


– seat tube (c-t): 57.5 cm

– top tube (c-c): 57 cm

– headset tube: 13,5 cm

– standover: 81 cm

Gearing system: Campagnolo Paris Roubaix

Crankset: Bianchi

Brake Levers: Universal

Brakes: Universal Extra 453949

Hubs: Bianchi 32/40

Cassette: Regina Gran Sport (4speed)

Rims: NiSi

Headset: Bianchi integrated

Stem: Ambrosio Champion

Handlebar: Ambrosio champion

Saddle: leather

Handlebar Tape: cotton, biege

Tubulars: Vittoria 25mm



Condition: Used, but good condition. No cracks, no dents, not bent. All parts are working fine.

Year: 1951

Price: SOLD (January 2023)