CINELLI Supercorsa Pista early 1960s, vintage steel track bike by Premium Cycling
CINELLI Supercorsa Pista 55.5cm (early 1960s) – SOLD
2000 Klein Quantum Race, Campagnolo Record 10s, vintage collectible bike by Premium Cycling
KLEIN Quantum Race, Campagnolo Record 10s, 59cm (late 1990s) – SOLD
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TRECIA Titanio by Amelio Riva, Campagnolo Super Record, 55.5 cm (mid 1980s) – SOLD

Trecia was founded by Amelio Riva in late 1970s in Mozzo near Bergamo, Italy. Amelio was one of the first frame builder’s to have been experimenting with titanium for frame building since 1970s. By trade Amelio was an engineer working with titanium for industrial applications including aeronautics and motorsports. Riva has built a frame or two per week from highest-quality titanium. The history of Trecia reads something like a classical Italian Opera with serendipity, family and romance as well as tragedy at the heart of the story.

He build also first titanium for Luciano Passoni in mid 1980s who later founded famous PASSONI bikes. Here is the story: 35 years ago one of the strangest forms of coincidences that led to the fruition of the PASSONI brand that you see today. During weekend Lucianno Passoni was riding to Madonna Ghisallo when he was passed by a rider on a very oddly shapped frame which immediately caught his attention. The rider was Amelio Riva on his custom made titanium bike. Amelio agreed to build Luciano a frame. After the first frame was built, Luciano returned to Amerlio’s workshop asking for a second frame as Luciano was worried if one got stolen he wouldn’t have another one to ride and nor was he willing to ride a non titanium based frame. Luciano already had a successful electrical business operating in Milan and the thought of producing boutique titanium frames under the Passoni name lingered on his mind. Amelio was not interested in forming a business alliance with Lucianno. As a result, Lucianno sent his son, Luca, to Bergamo to learn about the principles of frame design and development under the guidance of Amelio.


TRECIA by Amelio Riva

TRECIA by Amelio Riva

There is no escaping from the fact that TRECIA and PASSONI are very expensive bikes. These brands are about something more, about appreciating a beautiful object as well as thoroughbred racing machine. Owning one is about knowing that the geometry is carefully made to fit your body and that the frame has been handcrafted by some of the finest in the bike business. Simply, you will not get that from a stock size S-Works, or even a Lightweight Urgestalt. You will not get that with any frame that is mass-produced in Asia.

Proudly presenting one of the most special bikes that ever came to our store. Vintage titanium bikes are pretty hard to find and own, but this is a dream for every bike collector – TRECIA Titanio. Extraordinary titanium frameset with all internal cables, aero mounted shifters and stunning titanium integrated cockpit. This kind of frameset deserves a special build: superb Campagnolo Super Record groupset, with titanium bb spindle, Campagnolo Omega wheels (28 spokes), Regina CX freewheel all in new old stock condition. Pretty incredible.

A dream bike for every vintage bike collector. One of the lightest and fastest 1980s bike (under 8kg)



Frame & Fork: TRECIA Titanio (frame no.133 )


– seat tube (c-t): 55.5 cm

– seat tube (c-c): 54 cm

– top tube (c-c):  54 cm

– headset tube: 13.6 cm

– standover: 80.5  cm

Crankset: Campagnolo Super Record

Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Super Record (titanium spindle)

Front Derailleur: Campagnolo Super Record

Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Super Record (no pat)

Shifters: Campagnolo Super Record

Brake Levers: Campagnolo Super Record

Brakes: Campagnolo Super Record

Cockpit: integrated titanium

Cassette: Regina CX

Saddle: San Marco Laser

Seatpost: Passoni titanium (not the one on the photos)

Pedals: Campagnolo Super Record

Tubulars: Veloflex Criterium Servizio Corse (original)

Bar tape: Leather, yellow (original)



Condition: New old stock. No dents, no cracks, not bent. All parts are working fine.

Year: 1984/85

Weight: 7.95 kg (no pedals)

Price: SOLD (March 2021)