Colnago Conic Spiral SLX 1989 vintage bike
COLNAGO Conic Spiral SLX (1989) – SOLD
Scapin Airone Aero Cromovelato steel 1980s frame
SCAPIN Airone Aero Cromovelato – SOLD
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Campagnolo 50th Anniversary groupset 1983 (No.3952) – SOLD


Campagnolo 50th Anniversary groupset was released in 1983 to commemorate Campagnolo’s 50th year in business, but this was also the same year when founder Tullio Campagnolo passed away.

The group is based on the Super Record and Cobalto group of the 1980s era and was top of the range, with some significant extra touches. Most pieces were marked by a 22 carrot gold logo with a raised/textured Campagnolo shield logo. All pieces contained an engraved signature of Tullio Campagnolo, and a special “50th” logo.

Campagnolo kept  #0001 in its museum, while #0002 was presented to Pope John Paul II.  Collectors around the world highly prize the groups of lower-numbered stamping. That stamping can be found on the inside of the crank arms. Every groupset came with a numbered “membership card” and got engrawed number. At first 5.000 pieces was released, and they sold out every single one very soon. One year later they released another 10.000 pieces and that’s it to met the expectations on the market.

Proudly presenting this extraordinary groupset, a milestone of Campagnolo excellence, No.3952, so the one that was made in first series. Groupset is complete, used, but in excellent condition, no scrathes, membership card included. Complete wheelset with NiSi Laser rims, Regina CX cassette, tubulars ,handlebar 3ttt with vintage leather wrap also included.

Conditon: Used, but in excellent condition. No schratches, low milage. Some signs of normal use. All parts working perfectly.

Price: SOLD , shipped to New Zealand (March 2017)

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