EDDY MERCKX FAEMA by Giuseppe Pela, 54 cm (1960s)


Giuseppe Pela was a master frame builder from Torino, affirmed in Italian cycling history as a guarantee of traditional craft with the passion for a totally custom approach. The 1960s and 1970s represents the golden age of Italian cycling and Pela embodied the values of frame building worlwide. Between the late 1950s and early 1970s, he built frames for a numbers of pro riders including Merckx, Anquetil, Van Loy and Bobbet. Aside that he was also  building for famous brands like Gios Torino, Masi and Benotto. Pela never put his own name on any frame, probably to not interfere or conflict with the business interests of the teams and riders he built for. Instead of “signing” his works with his name, he mark the frames with special marks which make every Pelà frame recongnisable amongst experts. So the typical Pelà signs are the four cut-outs under the BB shell and the slots with a point in the middle on the fork crown.

Faema – Faemino was a Belgian cycling team, sponsored by FAEMA (Italian coffee machine manufacturer) with Belgium and Italian riders on board. One of the riders was also famous Eddy Merckx who won his first Tour de France in Faema jersey. Giuseppe Pela built frames for almost entire Faema Team back in late 1960s.

FAEMA Team with E.Merckx

FAEMA Team with Eddy .Merckx in rainbow jersey


Proudly presenting another iconic Italian steel masterpiece made by famous Giuseppe Pela. The frame is work of art, shinning in famous Faema Team paintjob, made of Columbus SL tubing, Campagnolo drop-outs and featuring the perfection and attention to details to providing the best performance you might expect from 1960s frameset.

Very rare.


Frame & Fork: Eddy Merckx Faema Team by Giuseppe Pela, Columbus SL


-seat tube (c-t): 54  cm

-top tube (c-c): 54 cm

-headset tube: 11 cm

Seat tube diameter: 27.2mm

Rear spacing: 126mm



Condition: The frame was completely refurbished by professional guy. No cracks, no dents, not bent. Ready to be build.

Era: 1960s

Price: 799€ (was 999€)